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"The Light Before Dark" - Dalton Ringey

A new piece for clarinet choir

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astarband asked: I recently started to play the high notes. It goes really well, but once I get to high g above the staff, I have issues. It's like the notes don't come out properly. I also have issues with going from high d to high c in legato, though the other way around in easy. Can you give me some advice on my problem?

It’s hard not being able to see how your embouchure is set, but one of the things to check is how much mouth you have in your mouth. And also no biting down on the mouth piece! This leads to squeezing and restricting the flow. Tongue position could also be your problem too. Thing of saying “hee” while you’re playing and that’s where your tongue should be!

Hope this helps!

- Lindsey :)

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piercing-sirens-at-the-horizon asked: My high C above the staff never comes out at the right time no matter how hard I try. It makes a gritting sound and then plays right after the down beat. It's really annoying.. But my high D and E are fine. Help??

Here are some preliminary questions before getting into any detail.

How old are your reeds?
How open or closed is your mouthpiece?
What ligature are you using?
What clarinet are you playing on?
How do you position the reed?
What strength reed are you on?


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Backun Studio Series | Practicing Without the Register Key with Jessica Phillips

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stuffonmy-head asked: Hi, I play bass clarinet in my school band instead of Bflat when other bass instruments are sparse, a (quite old) Leblanc. I find it really hard to play notes in the upper register. They usually either squeak or play lower. Any suggestions? Thanks :)

High notes are really hard to play on the bass clarinet. I would suggest that you should relax your mouth more than you think; it’s not quite the same as the soprano clarinet. 

I think the best person who could describe it is Michael Lowenstern and this video he made: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1eQL-3demDA&list=PL8ED29BF157EA5C80

Good Luck! :]

- Lindsey

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Backun Clarinet Concepts: How to Double Tongue with Corrado Giuffredi

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Gear Wars: Bass Clarinet Necks. Blashaus (heavy brass) vs. Selmer (silver/brasss)

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