wendyoutofneverland said: I'm thinking about selling my clarinet because I'm more of a percussion person. I bought it used for $200 but had $500 for repairs done. It was only used for a concert season because its wood. I want to get my money for what it's worth and don't want to give to someone who will ruin it because its my first instrument. All of the repairs are up to date and its in great condition,and had a professional cleaning last week.Where would be a good place to sell it, and how much should I ask for?

What brand and model is it? Usually, you can ask for at least half or more of what it sells for new when it is in good playing condition.


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compassionate-introvert said: Hello! My parents and I found a Buffet B12 Student Clarinet. The customer reviews are all positive and it's only $620. Would you recommend this for a middle school/high school marching band student?

I would definitely recommend it. It is one of the few models I recommend for it and if it is in good condition then that is definitely a good price for it. I’d also have you try to work the price a bit too.


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compassionate-introvert said: Hello! I've been looking for a clarinet to buy my little brother and I am looking at some models but I can't seem to know which brand is good and all that. Do you know which brands/models are better?

What price range were you looking at and is your little brother just starting the clarinet?


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notanotheryoutubeblog said: When wearing lip balm while playing, can that "kill" my reed faster? I had a friend tell me that but I don't know if I believe it. It makes sense, but she didn't tell me where she got the idea from.

i would believe it. the oil can get into the reed and cause problems. these problems will be really tiny and theres a good chance you wont even notice any differences unless your putting on an over excessive amount lip shtuff on.


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This has to be one of the most balanced clarinet ensembles on YouTube, ever. Of course, the Eefer and the bass clarinet are a bit too loud at times, and I would like to have another alto in place of one of the sopranos, but even the lone alto clarinet can be heard throughout the whole piece. And the contrabass truly gives that alla organ pedal note bass that is characteristic of a good clarinet choir.

Case in point, this is what a clarinet choir should sound like. Balanced, with a full sound, ringing in the upper ranges, and supported by a strong low end. The other video I posted, the one with the clarinet choir playing Danse Macabre, doesn’t even come close to the balance and unity of sound that Ensemble Infinity is able to achieve. This should be our model for clarinet choirs, not a bunch of Bb’s augmented by just an alto, bass, and contrabass.

I must admit, slur2tongue2, you were right. Here you have an ensemble of only 8 clarinetists, and yet their sound fills the whole hall. If better results are achieved with less, then that may show in this video as well.

I am really fond of this group Ensemble Infinity. Sure, you could watch some of their older videos and dismiss them as just amateur musicians, but some of their other videos, including the one of Clarinet Dances that I posted and subsequently got quite popular, are some of the finest clarinet ensemble playing I have ever heard.

Speaking of which, anybody would care to inform us about what this wonderful and moving piece of music is that Ensemble Infinity is playing? My knowledge of Japanese is only very basic, and I don’t think Google Translate is going to help…

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killerthrillerqueen said: @compassionate-introvert, I got a fantastic composite Selmer from Musician's Friend for about $250 with some coupons. It plays great and I use it for marching and my brother has the same one and uses it in concert season as well. I can get you the model number if you want.

I like Selmer, Yamaha, Buffet, Leblanc and a few more for marching. They hold up and sound better than a lot of junk that circulates around.


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compassionate-introvert said: And yes, I want him to play it in middle school and then march it in high school.

"I’m willing to spend like $100-$350. But if I have to spend more I will."

Included your other message so we can answer in one message.

To be honest, you’re not going to find a good quality instrument at that price. But for that kind of money you could find a plastic clarinet that would be good for that purpose you doecified.

I’d suggest looking at Yamaha models?

Maybe another Mod has some insight too!

Good luck,


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Clarinet in B–flat, ca. 1830
Charles Joseph Sax (Belgian, 1791–1865)

- Materials: ivory, brass
- Other Notes: C. Sax is the father of Adolphe Sax, considered the father of the saxophone. Elephant-tusk ivory was a material used often for high-end instruments for the quality, tone, and construction, but [fortunately] lost popularity and is no longer used by ethical crafters.

Source: NY-MetMA

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Tonguing & Articulation - So you want to be a Bass Clarinet Player

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Clarinet in D, ca. 1750–70

- Materials: boxwood, brass
- Other Notes: The mouthpiece and barrel look to be from another instrument, but from the same period and were joined early.

Source: NY-MetMA

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