What’s your favorite member of the Clarinet Family and why?

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    Eb, it is so cute and enchanting and I love mine to pieces even though it’s hard xD
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  4. the-mosthumancolor answered: alto clarinet
  5. justanotherclarinetist answered: The bassett clarinet. I hate playing parts of the Mozart up the octave after having heard it the way its supposed to be.
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  7. sparkofheart answered: Bb all the way :)
  8. ninjachacha answered: BASS CLARINET! :D It was my first ever instrument. The low notes sound so pretty, and even the high notes. ^_^
  9. alittleurbanmusician answered: A clarinet! it’s tone is so sweet and dark!
  10. looksgoodinblue answered: A, I love the darker sound you get with an A
  11. breathe-here answered: Basset because it’s just fan freaking tastic(:
  12. violetchi answered: Squidward.
  13. belle-ismyspiritanimal answered: bass <3 it has such a unique sound
  14. that1kidwiththeface answered: Bb because it’s the one I play. Never tried any others. x)
  15. urkraft answered: Bb because of its versatility, Eb because I feel like a boss playing altissimo.
  16. dorky-dani answered: Bass clarinet! More versatile than a contra, but low enough to make an impact! Bb is a close second, of course :)
  17. justwalkbyymyside answered: Bb clarinet! Older sister played it and now I do. It’s part of the family and I love how the high notes annoy the brass :P
  18. slur2tongue2 answered: Bass clarinet all the way!
  19. zorkaberries answered: basset, definitely!
  20. blueheninthetardis answered: i like my Bb but i loved when i played my Eb cause it was tiny and cute and i actually got a pretty good sound out of it :)
  21. betweentimeand42 answered: I love the contrabass clarinet because it’s ginormous, and the bass clarinet because it sounds so pretty, but the Bb mostly because I play it
  22. pauvre-petit-eli-sawicki answered: Bass Clarinet or A Clarinet. A because it makes live easier and Bass because it’s low, but not too low.
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